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Hi - I'm Dipti ,

With 20 years of hands-on experience in the people and culture space and has held leadership positions and board roles at the highest level across some top media, advertising, and creative organisations including BskyB, MediaCom (WPP), Octagon Sports & Entertain Network (IPG), JKR Global, and Six Nations Rugby. I’ve crafted inclusive people centric cultures and led high-performance teams, shaping, and influencing strategic decisions for positive change and business growth and evolution. 

My own journey has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. I've encountered different degrees of challenging and exclusive environments, that made me feel like I had to wear armour just to show up. It often felt like I had to prove myself doubly in every room. I have often been the only diverse female leader on a team or in a room, the lone voice with a different lived experience and perspective. Not feeling fully connected or embraced by those around me.  The constant grappling between honouring who you are and hiding or suppressing parts of you for wanting to feel like you’re accepted, you belong. 


It wasn't until I delved into my inner self, strengthened my core beliefs, and truly understood the systems at play that I discovered what it means to own my power, find my voice, and lead authentically, with empathy and without apology. I had to let go of old beliefs and embrace new ways of being true to myself. As a leader outside the mainstream, I was able to drive meaningful change and growth within individuals and organisations alike.

My leadership style is characterised by equal parts heart and head. Marked by vulnerability, empathy,  authenticity and a bold voice that challenges the status quo for positive change. Living with a conscious heart and a rebel mind I learned to not only lead but live authentically. My conscious heart urged me to embrace empathy and compassion, fostering connections with those around me. Simultaneously, my rebel mind encouraged me to intentionally challenge norms and seek creative solutions for positive impact, shaping a dynamic and inclusive leadership style.

I look forward to journeying with you to let go of what’s no longer serving you, to courageously step into your authentic power, shine, thrive and create your desired impact both professionally and personally. 

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