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Change begins within us, anchored in the depths of self awareness. When we conscientiously explore our feelings, thoughts and behaviours we embark on a transformative journey. Examining our inner world serves as a compass, guiding our actions and decisions. 

The ripple effects of individual self awareness extend far beyond you. They permeate relationships, workplaces, communities and beyond. A self aware individual becomes a catalyst for positive change, inspiring others through their authenticity and intentional actions.

“You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously”

Sophia Bush  


Collaborating with and informally coaching CEOs, founders, boards, and leadership teams has been a cornerstone of my career. Navigating the challenges and pressures as a senior leader while leading and motivating effective teams gives me a unique blend of hands-on experience and coaching prowess as a dynamic and impactful coach.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with some incredible humans - established leaders, emerging leaders and aspiring leaders. What sets these individuals apart is their self awareness, their emotional health- connection to their emotions and feelings and in turn understanding how this impacts how they behave, show up and how this guides actions and decisions.  The direct impact it has on creating the ingredients of a thriving inclusive culture.

I have also experienced first-hand what happens when leaders are not self aware and not operating from an emotionally healthy place. The creation of mistrust, fear, lack of safety, exclusion, toxicity not only amongst leaders but directly influencing the culture of an organisation. 

We live in a world where the demands of everyday life often pull us into chaos of our minds, leaving us feeling disconnected and hurried, it's easy to lose touch with our true selves. We become so absorbed in the whirlwind of activity that we forget what it means to truly inhabit our bodies and be present in the moment. I understand how challenging it can be to navigate this disconnect and find your way back to a more grounded, authentic existence. Allow me to guide you on a journey to reconnection. 

​Together we will create a safe space for self-exploration, play, reflection, vulnerability and personal development that delves into your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and experiences leading to on going growth, intentional action and sustainable change.


My coaching approach considers YOU as a whole person, fostering holistic growth that extends beyond professional aspects to impact overall well-being. It focuses on the interplay of conscious and unconscious factors that shape behaviour. I believe the benefits lie in uncovering deep-seated patterns, fostering self-awareness, and addressing underlying issues.

This leads to fundamental shifts, aiming for sustainable, long-term personal and professional development rather than just addressing surface-level issues. Ultimately a more empowered you, being more intentional with your choices and actions.


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Deeper Self Understanding

Help you explore and understand unconscious patterns, motivations, values, strengths, weaknesses, and behaviours.


Improved Relationships 

Individuals gain insights into their relational dynamics, fostering better communication and collaboration in both personal and professional relationships.


Effective Leadership 

By addressing underlying issues, it can enhance leadership skills, promoting more authentic and impactful leadership styles.


Increased Self Confidence

Uncovering and addressing limiting beliefs and insecurities can boost self-confidence and empower individuals to tackle challenges more effectively.



Through self-awareness, individuals become more adaptable and resilient, better equipped to navigate change and uncertainty.


Enhanced Decision Making

Heightened consciousness enables leaders to make decisions with greater clarity, understanding unconscious biases and influences.

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