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The leadership journey is a privilege and profound experience marked by self-discovery, growth, and challenge.  For non-majority leaders (present and future), navigating this journey is intensified by systemic barriers that impacts equitable progression and opportunity as well as intersectional identities, different cultural influences and lived experiences that are different to the dominant system. Despite these hurdles, they play a vital role in inspiring others and driving business innovation.  However, navigating dominant structures often stifles their authenticity and confidence. Investing in coaching for non-majority leaders is crucial, fostering integration, empowerment, and a sense of belonging within organisations.  

"No one else should be able to tell you who you are; that's for you to decide. Conformity requires us to minimize our differences for the greater good. We fear that if we don't conform, we will be abandoned, but there is no loneliness like having people only see you after you've erased yourself”

                                                                                                                                           Alok Vaid-Menon 


By supporting non-majority leaders to navigate systems and embrace their unique strengths, organisations cultivate inclusive environments where all individuals can thrive, ultimately driving both individual fulfilment and commercial success. It is equally important that those that support and manage non-majority talent also understand and navigate their role in the continuation of building inclusive cultures. 

This coaching program is an empowerment of non-majority leaders, illuminating their path through both internal and external leadership journeys. It delves deep into the essence of each leader, discerning their unique leadership style, strengths, areas of development and examining their role, dynamics, relationships, and approach within the organisational landscape. 

It also allows for exploration of how the dominant structure impacts a non-majority leader’s power, authority, influence, visibility etc and how to navigate this.  By embracing a holistic perspective, it lays the foundation for non-majority leaders to have an equitable experience from the very outset, fostering success in every interaction with their organisation, boss(es), peers, and team. It's not just about leadership development; it's about equipping non-majority leaders with the tools and insights they need to thrive, leaving a lasting mark on the landscape of leadership, diversity and inclusion.

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Shinto Pathway


6 Month Mid-Level Management Programme  


-Identified as a High Potential Non-Majority future leader

–Stepping into their first people management role. 

-Established Leaders within the organisation

12 Month Senior Leaders Programme


-A non-majority leader newly appointed to -Senior role (from internally or externally)  

-A non-majority leader joining a new organisation. 

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