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A people centric culture considers how people want to work and how to inspire them to do their best work. Which ultimately fuels an organisation's ambitions, propelling success, and growth.


Here growth, learning and purpose intertwine in the employee journey. Placing people at the core enhances engagement and productivity.  


This means investing in nurturing healthy leaders, aligning talent, optimising structures and relentless improving how we work. It's equally important to consider this from when building the foundations of your business , growing your business and or re-aligning your business. 


Building a conscious culture begins with establishing clear vision, purpose, and values that guide business decisions, team dynamics, talent attraction, and the employee life cycle. Waiting until a certain scale is reached can result in an unintended culture and significant challenges, including unclear talent needs, hiring mistakes,  inefficient ways of operating and working and costly misalignments. 

In the exciting and pressure stages businesses tend to evolve organically, shaping their culture, employee experience and team structure along the way. Fostering a cohesive and purpose driven environment it’s crucial to engage in a People and Culture expert advisor early on. 

By doing so, founders and CEOs of growing businesses can proactively cultivate a strong culture that aligns closely with their core values and mission, sparing the need for corrective measures later.  Your People strategy and business operations evolves side by side as your business grows. 

  • A people strategy that aligns with your business strategy for the mid, long term. 

  • Build strong foundations of culture from the onset will support growth and retention 

  • Often talent loves the fluidity and flat structure of start- ups but misses the stability, transparency and   consistency of evolved organisations.

  • Build your talent to be future leaders from day one 

  • Face people and culture challenges head on with confidence.

  • Build the right structure with the right talent for the long term not the immediate need. 

  • CFO isn’t a CPO they are partners and collaborators with different perspectives and skills.

  • Embed the standards of B corp in your foundations to ensure you're a conscious organisation that is committed to contributing to a inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy. 

All of the above fuel’s greater creativity, innovation and opportunity for business growth and success.  


In recognising this I work in a flexible and cost - effective manner which enables Founders / CEOs/ People Leads to tap into an experienced People and Culture strategic partner, coach and advisor all in one.

My approach is to partner with you, identify where you are on your journey as a business, what your aspirations are as a business, what’s working well, what isn’t as well as constructively challenge ways of being, thinking and doing for positive change and creating the culture you desire for your business. 


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Whether you're looking for someone to be a sounding board, strategic advisor, coach and consultant. A few days a month or year. My flexible approach allows you to tap into my expertise and  to work together to support your organisations journey and growth. 

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